Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sitting, spitting, and eating

Saadi is officially, if not consistently now able to sit up briefly. Additionally, for a few weeks now, maybe it's been months, not sure, he's been spitting and gurgling. One afternoon I found him on the bed just spitting on himself. It was pretty cute and when I picked him up, the bed was all wet around him. Oh! and the picture reminded me, he's eating. Loves it, surprise.

He's big and just beautiful, and very charming. The hair has stayed and while he still has some mohawk left, it doesn't stick up the way it used to. It's just too long.

The kids all got their swine flu vaccines today. Saadi got the shot, which of course made my uterus and crotch ache, and Hallah and Noah lucked out and got the mist. Unfortunately their cousin Sophie got the flu, which turned into a terrible asthmatic cough which then turned into pneumonia. We're thinking of her. Additionally, Nan took a fall and had to have surgery. She fractured a vertebrae that I guess they had to wire up. She's in recovery and we're sending our thoughts her way too.

Otherwise, we just had some nice snow a few days ago but it's left the alley muddy as heck and I can't get the trailer back into it's place until the blasted/beloved snow melts and ideally the ground dries out a little. In the meantime we've got a ticket on it for it sitting in the street for too long and the 'neighbors' said they would prefer to have it off the street so they could have their winter parking. I didn't realize one could reserve those spots...

it's late and Saadi's finally out. I think I'll join him.

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