Tuesday, November 3, 2009

chocolate chip cookies with butter

I turned around to see Eli spreading butter on a chocolate chip cookie and then putting it in the microwave. It's probably one of the best things I've eaten since that coconut soup at that thai place in that town, you know, just north of that other town that everyone pronounces wrong which is just south of those nudie hot springs, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, it was brilliant.

Hallah surprised us all with a total Noah/Boy/Eli move. the landlords recently shelled out a ton of cash to redo the steps that I was constantly complaining about. I went out this afternoon to sit in the indian summer with a mug of wine when I noticed a huge chunk missing from the new steps. Upon closer inspection, I realized that actually, three of the steps had chunks missing from them. I figured this had to have been a Noah move. The pick axe was not far from the scene and there was a busted up rock on the sidewalk. Just as Eli was giving Noah the lecture, Hallah chimes in to let us know that she thinks she might be the one responsible. Turns out she and Taya were busy trying to bust up rocks on the new steps. She still claims that it was one rock that chipped all three steps but frankly I'm not buying it.

Saadi in the meantime continues to be a smiley, spitty baby who laughs on the inhale. holy moses.

but my legs are finally waxed and I'm having some wine...which means i'm done here.

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