Monday, August 3, 2009

Moab Revisited

So Saadi and I just got back from Moab where we sent off Noah, Hallah and Eli, down the Green River for 10 days. Just seeing the rock formations made me a little dizzy, remembering that the last time I was there I puked anytime I opened my eyes. But after adjusting to the PTSD and the 100 degree weather, I began to realize that this really marks the one yearish anniversary of the conception of Saadi. Maybe most of you don't want to hear about this, but considering the unusual circumstances that led us to discover that we had this person dividing cells inside of me, it seems like it's worth noting.

We encountered 2 people who had been key players as last year's action unfolded. Player 1 was Thatcher of Tex's Riverways. He was the driver who drove us up the Colorado river in the jet boat and helped Eli carry me to the ER in Moab. When Eli saw him again this year, he asked how I was and whether the doctors ever determined what was wrong (in case there's anyone reading this who doesn't know, I had very severe vertigo that left me upchucking bile anytime I opened my eyes or sat up, like when I had to put on my life jacket at the confluence of the Colorado and the Green. A good friend noted that at that point I made it a trifluence.). It was only then that we realized that they were never told that I was pregnant. So Eli told Thatcher that it was in the ER that we were told about the pregnancy. I got to see Thatcher this morning and Saadi and Thatcher finally met.

The other player was an ER nurse named Darcy. When Eli and I were told that I was pregnant in the ER, we both very distinctly remember how hopeful, joyous, and optimistic the nurse was who told us. She had this brilliant smile and a light in her eyes. She was so happy to tell us this downright unbelievable information (again, for those who don't know, I had been using an IUD. I tell people that this was a refresher course in probability. If someone asks you if there's any chance you are pregnant, a .6% chance means you should answer 'yes'). Her optimism and enthusiasm got to us and weeks later we would talk about the way she affected us. Last night we all went to the Moab Brewery. The place was packed and we were waiting outside for our table to be ready. Eli came over with a lovely blonde woman. I saw him walking over and it was clear that he'd made some connection with her. Turns out he'd spotted Darcy! In that crowded place, he picked her out! He brought her over to me and Saadi. It was moving to finally introduce her to Saadi. She was the first person on this planet to know about his existence. And now here we were in the parking lot, a year later, with this beautiful boy with Godzilla hair and a cinnamon roll belly button, smiling his blue eyes up at her.

Saadi and I are home now in the relatively mild Durango heat (maybe it's just the laptop on my legs). Everyone else is on the Green, Noah with a gazillion different cuts and Hallah with an enormous goose egg on her head from throwing rocks in the air and trying to dodge them. They've also got Doug and Clare from Madison, Dick and Carolyn, and Helen, a friend who lives in Greeley. Moab weather is expected to be in the 100s, with little chance of rain. Which is good when you're trying to dodge flash floods.


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