Monday, March 16, 2009


Eli and I have been working on lists and lists and lists, focusing on poetry, meaning, prouncability, family significance, river significance, canoeing significance (email me if you don't know what I'm talking about and really feel like you need to know), and that might be it...

From my mother:"Nan says you are looking for a name – Nan recommends David and Merri (after her mother Mary). Deb says we should set up a name list (and pulled out Levine family tree for ideas) and an associated money pool. Jay says Deb is self serving and the baby should get the money. I say they will name the baby Moishe no matter what anyone says." (just a taste of the Sugerman side of the family)

In the end, my mother might be right, but in an effort to be fair and include a public comment period on the naming process I thought I'd include this post for you to comment on.

I will put down the name I originally liked best, which got shot down by the other primary stakeholder in the process-my beloved. The name was Zechariah Lightning. Zechariah is still in the running, but Eli wouldn't stand for Lightning.

Other names:
Boy: Oshaya, Oshri, Tzuriya, Isaac, Elijah, Ezra, Areli, Saadiya
Girl: Chaya, Chava, Chavatzelet Hasharon (we thought the family would really love that), Maksima, Matana, Paziah, Peliah, Peninah, Ranya, Ravital, Remazya, Setavi, Shayna, Nayeli, Malia, Levana, Nesiah, Nira, Netia

I know Eli has others, these are really just the ones I've pulled out. We liked the idea of having the middle name be Tremendous, but it just wasn't working...

by the way, names that we've already discussed that are out are:

Soup (Herb)
Prov (Herb) and
Pert (Herb).



  1. Have you considered the name Chris for a boy? It has a certain nostalgic quality that's way understated at this day in age. Lovely Blog by the way, hope you don't mind if we copy your idea and start one of our own.

    Major love,


  2. I love lightening for a middle name... thpppbt on Eli. What about Jubal? it was in the running for our Hugo.

  3. Thatch,

    No worries. Brilliant ideas are hard to come by these days.


  4. I love Maksima! What a wonderful name!

  5. Jen had trouble posting her name suggestions. Here they are:

    Boy: Kreplach
    Girl: Biali

  6. Just a few names off the top of my head. If you need more just call me.

    Neptune, Poe, Vlad, Fortunato, Remington, Blaster, Oscar Dey La Herb, Slick, Smoke (Herb...ha ha, get it? eh.....), Porgy, Goldar, Arturo, Maximillian Von Herb, Bubba, Sub Herb, Mortimer, Bancroft (which means "bean field" because sometimes you want to name your son after your field of beans?), Blade, Booker, Apollo, Jarovit, Rico, Barney, Frenzy, Ace, Sigmund, Nero, Zed, Roman, Royal, Holland, Sharky, Dougray, Francisco (just don't call him Fran), Tennessee, Winston, Kiki, Shadow, Odin, Foghorn, Babus, Stubby, Ewan, Uther, Lancelot, Grover, Josiah, Josepie, Chester, Lemon, Octavio, Pierre, Locust, Bruno, Bluto, Portis, Humphrey, Cassius, Toledo, Elliot, Baron, Allistair, Nicko, Soledad, Lord Vader, Whittemore, Gaston, The Kid, and something like Orville Computer-Whiz Herb. Just for that one time in life when he'll have the need to say, "Computer-Whiz is my middle name." It could happen. Better to have it and not need it...